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Dewey Joe Beene Jr.
leader, innovator,
and problem solver.

About Dewey

Dewey Joe Beene Jr.

You’re about to meet an experienced executive with 30+ years in the entertainment industry. Expertise ranges from sales and marketing to development and operations spanning theme parks, special events, FEC’s, hospitality, live productions, multi-media, public speaking and more. With proven success in enhancing guest experiences, driving operational efficiency, and leading high-performing teams, I am well suited and prepared to step into a senior-level role to drive organizational success with passion and dedication.

Things You Should Know

Beginning with a teenage summer job at a local theme park that turned into a lifelong career in the hospitality and entertainment business, I have launched, developed, and worked with several companies, leaving a track record of success. As an experienced professional with a creative mindset, I have helped many businesses expand marketshare, achieve multi-million dollar revenues, attract investors, and increase profitability. With a spirited entrepreneurial background, I bring a unique perspective to the table. My previous experience as the owner of multiple businesses continues to inspired me to develop my skills and to mentor others along the way. My true passion is working with people to help them achieve their goals and collectively celebrate success. Now, you can benefit from the experience I have gained in roles such as Executive Director, Vice President, CEO and others. These roles have helped to forge a well-rounded skill set that allows me to approach challenges from both visionary and pragmatic perspectives. Let’s talk about how I can help to fill a critical role within your organization that will help take your business to the next level. I’m ready. Are you?



Founder & President
Beanstalk Productions

2020 - 2023

Consulted in the entertainment, special event & hospitality markets to attract new guests, increase return visits and generate more revenue in a post covid market place.

Founder & Partner

Vault Ice

2016 - 2020

Founded a very unique company within a niché market. Attracted investors and raised millions to grow profitably to the largest national distributor within three years.

Founder & President

Innovative Event Solutions

2007 - 2016

Launched entertainment production company from the ground up. Company produced high revenue events and corporate functions.

National Tour Director

World of Magic Productions

2003 - 2007

After successful launch, managed all production aspects, including development, logistics, budget, and marketing while executing industry productions with outstanding results.

VP Business Development

World of Magic

2002 - 2003

Developed and managed a new division of the company by supervising creative development, customer engagement, revenue goals, budget requirements, and marketing strategy.

VP Production

Six Flags, Inc. | Silvertree

1998 - 2002

In an executive role, managed family entertainment and amusement production across 36 international locations, focusing on concept development, implementation, and operations.

Director of Production

Silvertree Productions

1993 - 1998

Produced attractions for theme parks, casinos, corporate events, etc. Managed client relations, staff training, logistics, budgets, and project development with a focus on multi production management.

Department Manager

Frontier City Theme Park

1992 - 1993

In a leadership role, responsibilities included client interaction, quality control, labor management, budgeting, and revenue oversight while ultimately enhancing efficiency and improving guest engagement.

Assistant Manager

Frontier City Theme Park

1991 - 1992

Advanced to a leadership role with increased accountability and collaboration on the further development of complex projects within the family entertainment and amusement industry.

Production Assistant

Sooner Productions

1988 - 1991

Assisted in creative development and implementation of company concepts and product launches. Heavy utilization of problem-solving skills and delivering pubic speaking presentations.

"The most valuable resource one can possess is to be creatively resourceful. I'll bring this ‘maximum result with minimal resources’ mindset to your organization and find innovative solutions to any challenges we'll face."


Dewey Joe Beene Jr.



Ultimately, what I bring to the table is resourcefulness.

I find a way to get it done and exceed expectations.

NOT getting it done isn't an option. Saying "It's not my job"is not in my vocabulary.

Industrial Designer


  • family entertainment centers

  • theme parks & amusements

  • live events production

  • corporate entertainment

  • hospitality & guest services

  • conference & trade shows

  • special event planning

  • destination management

  • film & television

  • stage & theatrical

  • talent management

  • ticketed events & attractions

Ask an Expert


  • executive management

  • leadership strategy & tactics

  • creative problem solving

  • guest experience strategies

  • sales and marketing efforts

  • public speaking & presenting

  • project management

  • branding initiatives

  • start up & exit strategies

  • product development

  • organizational development

  • mentorship & development

Business Handshake


  • business innovation

  • conflict resolution

  • goal prioritization

  • time management

  • budget development

  • strategy and execution

  • operational efficiencies

  • market research analysis

  • networking partnerships

  • employee relations & HR

  • adaptability and resilience

  • reason and decision making

Skillsets: negotiations, proposals, presentations, branding, media production, talent acquisition, coaching, mentorship, training, partnerships, networking, operations, multitasking, management, budgeting.

Qualities: vision driven, innovative, professional, creative, resilient, collaborative, strategic, tactical, organized, pragmatic, ethical, trustworthy, motivational, entrepreneurial, drama free, dedicated, responsible.



The below list of endeavors include some businesses I've launched, purchased, operated and/or sold over the years. While this list is not exhaustive, it demonstrates my vast array of work across many fields.

THOUGHT BOARD STUDIO Produced white-label B2B explainer videos communicating complex concepts to the audience.

CONCESSION CONCEPTS Operated in 60 locations, offering drink and snack machines, coin-op units, and manned event concessions.

IDEAS IN ICE Negotiated the acquisition and rebranding of a local company to a national market and continued operations.

THE MAGIC WAGON Operated multiple high traffic, crowd stopping retail kiosks featuring souvenirs, novelties, and other unique items.

EZ FUN CO Specialized in providing games, activities, and attractions for fairs, festivals, carnivals, and other outdoor events.

MAGIC WORKS ENTERTAINMENT Negotiated, contracted, and advanced national bands, solo performers, and group acts for private and public events.

WEDDING WORKSHOP Created the first live/online collaboration of wedding professionals to educate brides in planning their wedding.

DRIVEWAY DETAIL Mobile auto detailing services to the clients home or business with guaranteed 90-minutes turn around..

DOLLY LEVI'S DESIGN STUDIO Served events, catering to a selective clientele with a high-touch approach and an average event spend of $100K.

HAPPY TUNES Specialized in surprise musical performances, booking singers and musicians for social events and other occasions.

D&R PROPERTIES Managed a personal real estate business consisting of residential properties, specifically single-family homes.

LAWN GENIE Operated a residential lawn and light landscape business, brokering work to individuals and small companies.

SCREAM ACRES HAUNTED HIKE Seasonal one-mile guided dark tour through a horror-themed landscape, attracting 150K+ visitors over 20 days.

BUTTON EXPRESS Designed, manufactured, and sold wearable promotional items for businesses and specialty souvenirs for events.

IES AGENCY Brokered national entertainers, solo performers, and group acts, catering primarily to corporate clients.

"My philosophy in life is to operate with a mindset of "constant and never ending improvement", both  personally and professionally..

Dewey Joe Beene Jr.

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My entrepreneurial work has taught me how to effectively identify opportunities, develop new ideas, and create solutions that bring value to customers and stakeholders. My skills in project management, creative problem-solving, and strategic thinking can be harnessed as a valuable asset for any forward thinking business. Your organization can benefit from my unwavering work ethic, expertise in driving results and creating value for your organization to get to the next level. The below endeavors are businesses I've launched, purchased, operated and/or sold over the years. While this list is not exhaustive, it demonstrates my vast array of work across many fields.



To provide you with a glimpse into my reputation, I have included a list of references that encompasses colleagues, clients, former employees, and more. These individuals can attest to my quality of work, ethics and the value I can bring to your organization. References can be found on my resume by clicking the button below. 



I've been in your place before and know you're eager to find the best candidate for your organization. I believe the best way for you to truly understand my work ethic, character, and skillset is to meet with me in person or perhaps set up a Zoom call for an initial introduction.

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   Let's Get
     To Work.

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